Community Outreach

DiscoverE has a number of partnerships with organizations in Edmonton, Northern Alberta, and the Northwest Territories and believes that community outreach is essential to maximize the impact of its programming.

Community Centered
Since 1993, DiscoverE took several significant steps to further increase our focus on meeting individual community needs, connecting youth to the STEM industries in their areas and demonstrating long term investment in the youth of the communities we reach so that these communities would step forward as equal partners in the camp programs. Working with Indigenous Elders, hosting community meetings and seeking guidance from the Aboriginal Student Services Centre on campus improved our relationships with the 16 Indigenous communities that host DiscoverE camps each summer.

Go Where Kids Are 
At DiscoverE we believe in collaboration not duplication and look for opportunities to bring our high impact programs into pre-existing youth programs. By going where kids are we reach more kids with engaging, life changing experiences in engineering, science and technology with less funds and fewer administrative hours.