Aboriginal Outreach

DiscoverE’s mission is to have children and youth recognize the value and importance of engineering, science, and technology in today's dynamic world and consider the pursuit of related fields a fun, interesting, and rewarding option for their future. We build relationships with First Nations communities and form partnerships with aboriginal community agencies in order to reach these youth who face additional challenges to pursuing a STEM career. For more information, see our Aboriginal Impact Report.

Communities Reached

 DiscoverE Outreach Alberta and Northwest Territories

STEM at the Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society
The weeklong computer camp that we delivered at the Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society was only the beginning of a long term partnership between BATHS and DiscoverE. This new initiative will see the delivery of several 8 week club programs each fall and winter and continued expansion of summer camps at this west end aboriginal community agency.

Canadian Native Friendship Centre
In collaboration with the staff and management of the CNFC as well as two respected elders and knowledge keepers we delivered two engineering and science camps that also incorporated traditional prayers, teachings and ceremonies. Aboriginal youth age 7-12 started their camp at Inglewood Hall with a morning of prayer and traditional teachings and then learned from university students about their different organs and how herbal remedies could treat ailments associated with each part of the body. Day two of this camp again started with prayer and teachings from an aboriginal knowledge keeper followed by a presentation and project by an Environmental Engineering professor. Throughout the rest of the week these campers built boats, compasses, an aquaduct, an electronic circuit game and several chemistry projects.  We also delivered a combination aboriginal culture and science camp on the University of Alberta’s main campus for junior high students. These campers experienced two full days of aboriginal teaching and ceremony and two full days of science demonstrations and projects; and celebrated their completion of the White Buffalo DiscoverE camp with drumming, and dancing at a powwow in Hawrelak Park!