Mentoring with DiscoverE

At DiscoverE we have seen the difference that mentors make in our programming! When children are able to see individuals who have pursued their interests in science, engineering, technology, and math they feel inspired to apply themselves to ensure that they are able to follow a similar path. They are able to ask all their questions and really get a grasp on how engineering, science and technology can be applicable to their everyday lives.

The time commitment for a mentor is quite minimal, but they can have a huge impact. The average mentor event entails a presentation about their profession followed by a fun project for the kids to do or a tour of your lab, if applicable. The presentation and activity last approximately one hour.

Thank you to the mentors who helped us inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers!

Our mentors come from diverse backgrounds, including:

  • Indigenous Elders
  • Undergraduate students from Engineering, Medicine, Computer Science, and Biology
  • Graduate students from Engineering, Physics, Pharmacy, and Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.
  • Professors from Engineering, Biology, Computer Science, and Mathematics
  • Employees from APEGA, Alberta Health Services, Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, National Institute of Nanotechnology, Exciton Technologies Inc, IBM, Shell, Diavik Mines, Syncrude, Apple, Google, Canada Space Agency and the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.


How Mentors feel about their experience?

  • "My favorite part was seeing how excited and enthusiastic the campers were about science and engineering.  They had some great questions and were really attentive.  It's always a pleasure working with individuals who are interested in what you are presenting about."
  • "I really enjoyed working with the groups on a project. Their enthusiasm and insights were truly something to behold."
  • "I always enjoy the enthusiasm of the DiscoverE campers.  It's nice to hear from eager campers with interesting questions."
  • "I always love to get kids excited about future possibilities. It gives them a sense of hope and wonder."
  • "I could sense that the attention of every camper was laser focused on the topic. They were astonished that reality could really be so strange. My favourite part was explaining that understanding [special and general] relativity was very simple: keep up with your math, one year at a time."
  • "It was absolutely heart-warming that for the rest of the week when I parked my bike in the mornings, the kids from the group I had mentored would all come over and say hello."


Considering Mentoring?

If you’re interested in mentoring, please contact:

Sarah Toderian
Associate Director