In-Class Workshops

DiscoverE brings the excitement of science, technology, engineering and math into your classroom! We deliver curriculum-based in-class field trips to schools in Edmonton area (year-round) and throughout Northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories (May & June). 

A list of DiscoverE's engaging Classroom Workshops can be found below, along with the relevant price list. Please note that workshop availability may vary in remote and rural communities.

Workshops in the Fall & Winter (September - April) are offered based on availability. Workshops in the Spring (May & June) run Monday to Thursday. We offer workshops in French, click here for more information on our French Workshops.

Half-day booking (2 workshops)  1 instructor team $150
Half-day booking (4 workshops) 2 instructor teams $250
Full-day booking (4 workshops) 1 instructor team $250

Workshop Descriptions

Division One

Grades 1-3:

  • Tiny Tech- Students will dive into the exciting world of computer programming and learn the basics of coding! Binary code, logic, and parts of a computer will be learned through a variety of games and challenges. While this will introduce students to computer science and computer engineering, this workshop does not require a computer lab!

Grade 1:

  • Learning to Build- Students are given an interactive look into the shapes and components used in the construction of a variety of buildings and bridges. They will have the chance to learn about structures, support, and design through demonstrations and a hands-on building activity.
  • Needs of Animals and Plants-Students explore the needs of animals and plants through interactive games and are then given the opportunity to test their new knowledge by growing and caring for their own plant.

Grade 2:

  • Boats and Buoyancy- This hands-on workshop challenges students to build, and then modify, a boat to carry a specific load. Students learn buoyancy through hypothesizing and testing whether various objects will sink or float in water.
  • Small Crawling and Flying Animals- Students will learn about the exciting world of BUGS! Through interactive activities, games and demonstrations, students will appreciate the amazing lives of insects. They will then create their own bug using materials provided.

Grade 3:

  • Sound- Students will experience and understand the nature of sound! They will explore the different qualities of sound, the movement of sound through different materials, the process of hearing, and then apply their learning by building a sound-making device.
  • Structures and Design- Through interactive activities and demonstrations, students will gain an insight into the shapes, materials and designs used in the construction of a variety of buildings and bridges. They will then be challenged to select materials, design, and test their own bridge.

Division Two

Grade 4:

  • Light and Shadows- By working with mirrors, lasers, prisms and much more, students will experience light, shadows, and colors from a new and exiting perspective! Following many interactive demonstrations, students will build their own fully functional periscope.
  • Simple Machines- From a pulley system to a giant lever, students see firsthand the types, forms, and uses of simple machines.

Grade 5:

  • Chemistry- Students will see and participate in the exciting world of chemistry! They will discuss the importance of chemical safety, watch demonstrations of different physical and chemical reactions, and finish off the workshop by putting on the lab goggles themselves and completing a hands-on chemistry experiment!
  • Electricity- Through engaging demonstrations and discussions, students will see the power and possibilities of electricity. They will learn about the nature of electricity, simple circuits, and how to safely study these concepts. They will put their new knowledge to the test by building their own conductivity tester.

Grade 6:

  • Evidence & Investigation- Students will use their problem solving skills to interpret a crime scene and help solve the case of the DiscoverE theft. Fingerprint patterns, handwriting styles and shoe prints must all be carefully analyzed in order to solve this case!
  • Flight- By using a hovercraft to learn about air pressure, a small rocket to learn about Newton's Third Law of Motion and much more, students learn about the forces and principles involved with the marvels of flight. They will apply their knowledge by participating in a glider-building challenge.
  • Sky Science- Students will examine the apparent movement of the sky as related to the rotation of the Earth, the Earth's tilted axis, and the phases of the moon. Hands-on demonstrations and games will build on both the curriculum and students' personal observations of the night sky.

Division Three

Grades 7-12:

  • Microelectronics- Students will see how science, engineering, and technology all come together in the world of electronics. Using soldering irons and electrical components, students will build their own electronic device and gain an insight into the science behind everyday electronics.

Grade 7:

  • Heat and Temperature- Through discussions and demonstrations, students will learn the difference between heat, temperature, and thermal energy. They will discuss the particle model of matter, thermal expansion, heat transfer and complete a thermos challenge.

Workshops offered in French
Please contact our office if you would like to have a workshop delivered to your class in French. In the Spring term (May & June), we are able to deliver almost all of our Classroom Workshops in French!