DiscoverE Workshops Frequently Asked Questions

Download our workshop brochure to find topics, times and prices.

1. How can I book a workshop?

  • Online: You can can book a workshop with the workshop request form found here. 
  • In Person: Stop by and see us at our office or call us at 780.492.8779.

2. What are my payment options?
DiscoverE prepares workshop invoices monthly. You can expect to receive your invoice in the mail up to one month after your workshop was delivered. Cheques can be made out to "University of Alberta." Please do not give a cheque to our workshop instructors.

DiscoverE has a Workshop Bursary Program for schools who would be unable to book due to financial reasons. These workshop bursaries are allocated on a case-to-case basis. Please call us for more information.

3. How should I set up my classroom? Do I need adult volunteers?
All we need is a regular classroom set-up with one or two tables at the front. DiscoverE instructors are university students who have been trained in classroom management, so we do not require any teaching or supervisory assistance: except of course from you, the teacher.

4. When can I book workshops?
Spring workshops can be booked Monday through Thursday.  We also offer Fall and Winter workshops on select days from September to April.

5. How many students can you accommodate?

We can accommodate a maximum of 32 students per workshop.

6. How much are travel fees?

DiscoverE charges $100 for travel beyond 50km from University of Alberta's North Campus, excluding travel in May and June.