Grades 1 & 2 Summer Camps

  • These camps are restricted to children who have completed grades 1 or 2 as of June 2017.
  • For communities outside of Edmonton, please see Remote and Rural Camps.
  • Camps that fall in a 4 day week (due to long weekends) are only $225.


Registration for our Summer 2017 will open on February 21!

Fossil Finder Mini | $250

Do YOU have what it takes to be a palaeontologist? Spend the week learning how paleontologists find fossils and what they do with them through a variety of fun and interactive activities designed to engage you in all the fun and excitement that fossil finding has to offer!

Mini Tech | $250

Technology knows no age limits in this action-packed camp! Over the course of the week you will explore various applications of technology to real-life through computer-based challenges and hands-on activities.

Scientific Adventures Mini | $250

Exciting hands-on projects and activities will provide you with an introduction to engineering and science.  Learn through stories, games, and challenges, so that you are always engaged and having fun!

Scientific Discoveries Mini (all-girls) | $250

Explore the exciting possibilities that engineering, science and technology offer in an all-girl environment! Spend the week designing, building and experimenting through a variety of activities designed to foster and enrich you inquisitive mind.