Grades 3 & 4 Summer Camps

  • These camps are restricted to children who have completed grades 3 or 4 as of June 2017.
  • For communities outside of Edmonton, please see Remote and Rural Camps.
  • Camps that fall in a 4 day week (due to long weekends) are only $225.


Registration for our Summer 2017 will open on February 21!

CompuGirls (all-girls) | $250

Hone your tech skills in an all-girls environment through creating you own computer-generated games, files, and art. Through this exciting week, you will be amazed to learn how much science and engineering there is behind a computer screen! No previous computer experience required.

Environmental Explorations | $250

Join us to design creative solutions to environmental challenges through projects and hands-on activities. Explore how engineering, science, and technology are involved in sustaining the world around us.

Junior Tech | $250

Discover the amazing things you can do with a computer! You will learn about science and engineering while improving your problem solving skills through a variety of computer software programs and exploring how you can apply them in real-life scenarios.  Activities will be a mixture of computer-based and hands-on projects.

Scientific Adventures Junior | $250

Scientific and engineering adventures can be found all around us! Through challenges and hands-on activities, you will design and build projects that will develop you teamwork and problem solving skills!

Scientific Discoveries Junior (all-girls) | $250

Combine your creativity with your technical skills and experience the cool things you can do with computers, science, and engineering!  Meet female scientists and engineers to see exactly how they are working to make the world a better place.

(Grades 4-6) Hogwarts: A Scientific History | $250

Meet us at Platform 9 ¾ where we will transport you to Hogwarts this summer! We are open to all witches, wizards, Muggles, and No-Majs. This summer we will show you the magic in STEM! All materials and equipment (wands, cauldrons and ingredients) are provided. Parents are reminded that young wizards should not bring their own wands or brooms to this camp!